Nutella Cheesecake

IMG_5032It is no secret that I LOVE Nutella it is the one food I could never go without, it is a staple of my diet to the point where I may suffer low hazelnut deficiency if I go without it for too long. So when I found this recipe of Nigellas naturally I had to had to recreate it as soon as possible. I made a few tweaks to it but all in all it turned out amazing! Its super easy to make and you just need to exercise a little bit of patience/self control while making it i.e. don’t eat the entire jar of Nutella.


You will need;

300g Shortbread Biscuits (or any kind of biscuit you like really)

80g Butter (softened)

1 x400g Nutella

100g Chopped Toasted Hazelnuts

500g Cream Cheese  (at room temperature)

60g Icing Sugar


Firstly you want to throw your shortbread biscuits, butter, about half the hazelnuts and a heaped table spoon of Nutella into a food processor until blitz it until it comes together and resembles a moist, sandy mixture.

Press the mixture into the base of a 25cm round springform and then leave to chill.

Beat the cream cheese (I use Philidelphia) and icing sugar until smooth, and then add the Nutella and beat until well mixed.**

Pour this beautiful mixture onto the chilled base (try not to eat it all)  and scatter the remaining hazelnuts.

Leave in the fridge overnight to set, then you may lick the spoon (and the bowl)

Served chilled and try not to eat it all in one go!

** For a marble effect add more powdered sugar to the cream cheese mixture and only mix the Nutellla until you have that swirl pattern.

Also you could replace the butter on the base with hazelnut butter to make it that much more hazelnutty!

PS Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks, I have been extremely busy and needed a bit of a break from blogging to let my creative juices re charge.



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