Winter Favourites

Winter is fast approaching and as the weather is getting colder I find myself spending my downtime wrapped up in a big blanket with a mug of tea and a good read. I have also been stocking up on a few essentials;

M & S is probably my favourite place to stock up for winter essentials  socks, tights and vests in particular the quality is so good and it is very reasonably priced and of course I can never resist a cheeky ASOS purchase.

ASOS  Moss Satin Piped Pyjama Top & Wide Leg Set 

I have been looking for a pair of PJ’s for a while, I normally don’t wear them I’m more of a vest and knickers kind of girl. I saw one of the ASOS stylists instagram it a while back and had to get my paws on them. They are just so silky and beautiful I love them so much, the only thing is with these the cut of this quite low so I would suggest wearing a Bralet or something similar underneath.



Marks and Spencer

Assorted Footsies Four Pair Pack

Also known as secret socks, these are so damn useful I wear them with my work flats and my Jack Purcells, my feet just feel a bit naked without them. They are super comfy and breathable I used to buy the singles so naturally I was really happy when M&S brought out a multipack.


60 Denier Supersoft Opaque Tights 3 Pair Pack

What can I say I have forever been a champion of Marks and Spencer tights, these ones are just so soft and have the perfect level of opaqueness. They just go so well with my boots, also top tip I always go a few sizes bigger because tights shrink in the wash so you get more wear out of them if that makes sense.


Super – Soft Socks 5 Pair Pack

These are just perfect everyday socks, I wear them with boots or over tights when it is especially cold ( I find it also stops my tights from ribboning and streaking).



Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

Maybe I should start a monthly book favourite? I saw the trailer for this on Youtube (its being released as a film in June) and something just drew me to it so I immediately had to download the book. It was such a good read I read it over the course of two nights, the gist of it is girl meets boy, boy is a quadriplegic and wishes to die with dignity so the girl has to show the boy that life is still worth living. So its more than just a typical love story it explores the controversial topic of assisted suicide and dying with dignity.

And finally tea

Bluebird Tea

I have recently discovered this tea online it is made by small boutique in Brighton, UK they make the most amazing teas in every flavour you can think of, right now I’m currently living Gingerbread Chai and the seasonal limited editions Hot Cross Bun and Easter Egg Nest. The customer service is second to none I highly rate Bluebird Tea.




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