Whats In My Make Up Bag

Just a disclaimer here, I really like MAC so this post is MAC heavy so click away if thats not really your jam. Here are my current favourites as the weather has been getting chillier I have been favouring a heavier make up look.

MAC Make Up Bag / Soft Sac

I got this from David Jones when I lived in Melbourne  back when every beauty product from skin care to tools had to be made my MAC ( I have since calmed down a lot!) so Its probably not the best make up bag out there but it suits me just fine, I got this in the large so it has been particularly good for travelling with and also its made from a really nice material so it dries quickly. It has been through the wash many times and so it is quite durable and its just something I really love and has sentimental value and it is a bit battered now but so I will try and keep it for as long as possible.IMG_4861.JPG

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct

I have been using this on and off for a year now, its great for creating looks for when you want to go ‘full drag/ full glam’ and its fun to play around with the different shades and concealers. I use the orange shade for correcting my under eye area, the darker shade for contouring and the rest for mixing and matching concealer shades.IMG_4841

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash

I discovered this earlier this year before that I always favoured zoom fast lash because to be honest I thought all mascaras were the same and I couldn’t really tell the difference therefore never really bother with all the different releases but THIS has changed my life. Its super dark and they make up your lashes all fluttery and pretty, I highly recommend this!IMG_4849

MAC Eye Liquidlast Liner

This was actually sent to me by mistake I thought I had ordered my normal liquid eye liner but this came instead, I decided to give it a go rather than sending it back and oh my god it has quickly become my new favourite eye liner, it is so pigmented and weather proof! I have seen it many a times during my visits to the MAC counter and never given it much thought but it has totally changed my eye liner game I’m still getting used to the brush and it does need to be cleaned around the lid but other than that it is a solid winner.IMG_4567

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

This is just great for a minimal make up look, rather than filling in my brows with powder which sometimes can look a bit overdone I have been favouring brows au natural. A few strokes of this subtly pigments my brows while giving them a quick tidy, my brows still feel like brows and not all stiff and horrible.IMG_4847

MAC Blush in Vintage Grape

I have had this beauty in my collection for a while now, I think it was one of the first things from MAC I ever purchased back in the day. I think it was part of the Daphne Guinness collection, its limited edition but they have brought it out a few times over the years. This is so beautiful it has a lovely ombre colour in the palette so you can use the darker side for contouring.



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