ASOS, Whistles and Topshop Haul

This one is a bit of a random haul of bit and pieces I have picked up over the last couple of weeks.

Top Shop

Stripe Pastel Dinosaur Socks

I just throughout these were too damn adorable, I love dinosaurs one of my favourites pastimes in London was popping in to the natural history museum to see the Diplodocus. Also as I’m getting older I constantly worry about having enough socks and these were such a steal for £3.50! These are just really cute cotton socks I just have to be careful not to ruin them with  black shoes.IMG_4665

‘70s Belted Duster Coat 

I was having a real trench coat moment and this had been on my wish list since December and it went down from £79 to £59 so I had to grab it before all the winter stock was phased out. Its so beautiful I feel like a detective in it and I love the colour, I kinda wish I went for a size smaller but unfortunately the smaller size went out of stock I’m seriously considering getting it tailored also its not lined which I’m not crazy about either but hopefully I can find a good tailor. IMG_4671.JPG


Dinosaur And Glitter Spot Socks

I was worried one pair of dinosaur socks wouldn’t be enough and these ones are sparkly! As a grown up it’s really hard to express your love of dinosaurs I wish I could get my hands on one of these bad boys but themed socks with have to do for now.IMG_4666

New Look Petite Stripe Tee

I was also having an Alexa Chung inspired Breton shirt moment which inspired this purchase, this is a really lovely knit I think it looks fab with an A Line skirts and red lipstick – all about that hamburgler chic!  However after two wears the material has started to pill quite a bit which is a bloody shame but I guess you get what you pay for.IMG_4669

ASOS A-Line Linen Skirt with Pocket Detail

I love a good jumper and A Line skirt combo, A Line skirts are really flattering on my shape I used to be really into flippy or skater skirts but I much prefer the silhouette of an A Line, I think years of being forced to wear them as a school uniform just put me off a bit. I really like the material and the zip detail I’m definitely going to get a lot of wear out of this over the colder months.IMG_4668


Large Lizard Wallet 

I have had a couple of versions of this over the last few years and I thought it was time to invest in a high quality version, I went for Navy, I absolutely love the zip detail also its really practical I used to lose so many cards and things on nights out when I had an open/popper style wallet. I also love the feel of this and the quality is so good, it feels expensive and looks it too. IMG_4673.JPG


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