Easter Favourites

Easter has got to be my favourite holiday (aside from Christmas) I am such a chocolate fiend usually people complain when Easter stuff comes out much earlier than it should but I have always been on that bandwagon from day 1! So naturally I have been feeding my chocolate addiction without fear of consequence. I’m not sure if many people know this but Cadbury tastes a lot different New Zealand/ Australia than it does in the UK but luckily there is this wonderful place that sells it here for when I just had to get my hands of some Cadburys so this is basically like a haul slash easter favourites.

Ferro Rocher Eggs

These are literally the best I have had about four packets of these in the last week, they are so good! Its basically an egg version of a Fererro but without the hazelnuts on the chocolate shell  and on the inside which is good if you don’t like nuts I suppose, Im am an absolute fiend for Nutella and I can’t get enough of these.


Kinder Mini Eggs

Now these are just like the normal Kinder bars but egg shaped with bits of hazelnut on the inside, these are so delicious and creamy.I know they are probably meant for children but its easter the only thing I don’t like is that they are quite tiny so its fiddly to unwrap.


Cadbury Creme Egg

Creme eggs are a classic easter treat, you can actually get various versions of this in the UK all year round and like I said Cadburys just isn’t the same here so naturally I got a five back.


Mini Eggs

Another classic easter treat, I just think these look so beautiful they would go really nicely in baking I think, you can also get these here but they are just not on the same level as its English counterpart.


Cadbury Egg and Spoon

Unfortunately  you cant get these here and  I used to stuff my face with these back in England they also do chocolate version, but I much prefer vanilla. I love that it comes in an egg carton with a spoon its so novelty! The filling inside is kind of like a mousse almost like marshmallow fluff, these are so damn delectable


Cadbury Marvelous Mix Ups

This is another one that is exclusive to England, they do a Maynards version of this but I’m rather partial to the Oreo one. It contains a mixture of white and milk buttons, mini oreos and tear drop shaped chocolates with a hard shell. These are perfect for snacking on (on treat days).



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