The Blogroll; Favourites


Since I was a teen I was obsessed with blogs be it fashion, beauty food or just general life advice and I wanted to share my Favourites. I tried really hard to whittle these down to my absolute favourites;

For general self help advice I mostly go to Imboycrazy by LA based Alexi Wasser she describes it as “A pep talk in the form of a slap in the face in the form of a blog” she has seriously gotten me through so many boy dramas and heartbreaks, my favourite is her regular segment “the blind leading the blind” which is not too different to when us girls give give each other advice and we’re are just as clueless as the next. She also does a regular radio/podcasts where topics usually include love, sex relationships and just general girl talk. At first impressions Wasser may seem like a typical LA caricature you know struggling actress that lives on Kale smoothies  and does spin cycle but she is really more than that and she is really funny I guess you could say she is a modern day agony aunt.

Another great one for love, sex and relationship advice is Slutever by New York based Karley Sciortino her blog explores a range of topics from feminism, female sexuality, relationship advice and tinder. She also has a column in Vogue, I really enjoy her writing style and her view on the aforementioned topics she is really honest and doesn’t hold back in her commentary. Through her writing and stories she is reclaiming the word slut, she is really is the voice of the millennial generation.

For all things pop culture, fashion and beauty Refinery 29  has been a long time favourite. It began as an online start up in 2005 by four friends in a small apartment and from there it grew into a major online blog they produce about 1800 articles a month. It is regularly updated with beauty trends, celeb style and general life advice. It is really well written and I could spend hours  on the the site sifting through various features, It is designed for 20 somethings it is super accessible  and everything mentioned is in an attainable price range.

So this is actually a two in one –  Who What Wear was originally created by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. They post daily content on current trends in both celebrity and runway fashion, they make fashion approachable and style attainable. Its a perfect blog to scroll through if you;re wanting to kill time but it is majority contributing to my ever expanding Wishlist bookmarks tab. They also have a sister site which is another one for beauty I highly recommend Byrdie, it is slightly more high end than the former, they cover topics such as health, hair and beauty. The page is constantly updated with how to guides, new products and top tips, the content is well laid out as well as being interesting and relevant. Byrdie is such a good online alternative to those trashy women’s magazines, you can easily tell the content is well researched and constructed.

When I was younger I didn’t have a clue about make up and that was a lot to do with my disinterest in it at the time, I just didn’t care for it until MAC came into my life but unfortunately I didn’t know how to use it and like all problems I have in life I googled it, There I came across Tanya Burr, I remember her early tutorials for Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively she used to be so shy but now her brand has really grown she has her own make up line, a book and a cook book on the way. She doesn’t do as many tutorials now but I find her blogs so charming and she is just so damn likeable.

I stumbled upon this one on youtube about two years ago I was just looking for a guru that catered to women of colour, NikkiSecret is a MAC MUA by day and a Youtuber by night (well maybe not at night) her production is so good! like seriously I surprised she doesn’t have more subscribers! Her videos are heavily focussed on make up tutorials and a lot of the products she uses are MAC which is great for addicts like myself. Oh she is beautiful like seriously-  amazing skin, striking eyes and fabulous hair.

I do love watching Gurus on youtube but some of them just talk about nothing for ten minutes and it can be really frustrating to watch. I love Wayne Goss because his videos are so short and sweet. He is fully qualified make up artist, his videos are mostly instructional which is good for those who want to learn and perfect make up techniques. He also does product reviews, he is super honest and genuine in the way he talks about his products which is rare for successful Youtubers. He has also brought out a range of brushes you can tell that make up is truly his passion and he is an absolute pleasure to watch.

I have watched her videos on and off for the last few years back when she was known as Beauty Crush but since her re brand as Sammantha Maria late last year I have become more of an avid follower. Her focus has shifted from beauty and more into fashion and lifestyle, this girl has such a knack for throwing an outfit together and her photography is so on point. I also follow her blog and outfit posts, I find her blog to be such a great source of inspiration almost like a real life Pinterest board.

I have only recently got into this one Poppy Deyes, I think her blog is so beautifully constructed I love everything about it  from the fonts, the layout, the colours, the content and the photography. It just feel very real and authentic her voice really comes through and I love that its not overly edited it doesn’t feel fake or anything.  She is quite similar to her Youtuber Brother who also just seems really genuine and nice you know. Her content is very broad she covers beauty, food and fashion, you can tell she is passionate about food. I feel like I can relate to her more because of her realness, I hope she starts a channel soon!


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