The Smoothie Post

I have always been a lover of smoothies, they are super healthy (well depending on the ingredients) and easy to make. I love experimenting with the Nutribullet and I always keep a freezer full of various types of fruit on hand. I wanted to share my favourite go to recipes.

The Breakfast Smoothie

I normally have a stash of super ripe bananas in the freezer I find that it gives the smoothie a more interesting texture, if you find that this isn’t sweet enough you can use a whole banana or sweetened yoghurt but I find using overripe bananas does the job just fine.

1/2 Banana

Handful of Raspberries

100g Natural Yoghurt

Splash of Milk


The Desert Smoothie

This is one for the evening inspired by one of Gyneth Paltrows Smoothies it’s makes for such a perfect sweet treat or even to have after dinner or when you have a sweet tooth and need to satisfy that craving and its vegan if thats what you’re into.

1 Banana (Frozen)

4 Pitted Dates

1 Teaspoon of Almond Butter

1 Teaspoon Chia Seeds (Optional)

150ml Almond Milk


The Hangover Smoothie

This was is inspired by the fresh juices I had in Europe, they was always a wide range of different juices wherever I went and I find lots of fruit is the best hangover cure. I use Cold Pressed Homegrown juice because it tastes just like real orange juice and its low in sugar.

180ml Homegrown Orange Juice

2 Kiwi Fruit

Handful of Frozen Mango

Handful of Strawberries



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