The Style Post

I feel like my style had really evolved in the last few years, It has really been inspired by the true icons such as Alexa, Sienna, Kate and Olivia and of course street style. I have really come to know what fabrics, cuts and silhouettes suit me and developed a staple colour palette; mostly black who am I kidding. I have really come into my own and my wardrobe consists the same uniform just in different shades of black. Everyone is different in terms of taste and style and thats totally ok! I know there are ‘rules’ and trends but I generally stick to what I know I like and what looks good on me. I also want to share the style lessons and tips I’ve learnt so far;

  • When I am stuck in a style rut I tend to look at street style for inspiration,
  • Another source of inspiration – creating more modern versions of mood boards on Pinterest, I have my boards organised by colour pallete (insert pinterest link)
  • My colour palette is Black, Navy, Tan and  Dark Grey. These are the colours I like and suit me best.
  • I feel like fashion is a form of art and a way of expressing yourself so don’t listen to anyone that tells you to dress differently because it is a reflection of you at that point in time.
  • Also the advice they give you in ‘Magazines’ I would really take that with a grain of salt, don’t forget those magazines are designed to build you up and break you down and their aim to to exploit the reader and just do what makes you happy
  • I really believe its about how you feel so I wouldn’t wear something I’m obviously uncomfortable because I think it really shows.
  • If there is any advice I could give that would be mandatory is to wear a well fitted bra! and that goes for all underwear. You will not believe how much wearing a bra that actually fits you will elevate your outfit.
  • Once you have found your wardrobe staples and what works for you, invest in a better quality version it will see you through the years.
  • Its just fashion, so just have fun with it.

Current Uniform

The Trench Topshop


The Breton Shirt ASOS


The Jeans Topshop


The Chelsea Boot ASOS (Similar)



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