Topshop Haul

Wheey another cheeky late night Topshop Haul, but I feel like it was justified I did need some new jeans and I just got essentials really and today is the last day of Summer so its good to be prepared for Autumn.

MOTO Black Jamie Jeans

When I was a teenager I would only ever have ‘Label’ Jeans like Levi and Lee but I was a fool because Topshop Jeans are not only less expensive but of similar quality (in my experience anyway). I love these jeans I have not stopped wearing them since I got them and I’m not really a ’trouser’ person, they are super comfy and really soft they remind me a little bit of what Nobody jeans used to be like back in the day. I love that they come in different lengths which isn’t really a thing is New Zealand which is unfortunate for those like me who are on the shorter side. I am really tempted to get the ones with the rip in the knee.


Boxy Turn Back Cuff Jumper

Navy always a great alternative to black and I thought my jumper selection needed a bit of a shake up. The quality of this is really great, I like that its not a full turtle neck and the little detail on the sleeves. Its not too long sleeved like a lot of jumpers and its really warm. The fit is loose if you prefer to have something on under a jumper, I think this will look really great half tucked into an A Line leather skirt, I really think this will see me right through the winter.

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Paradise Brushed Sweatshirt

This is just for lounging around in, the sizing is a bit funny though its way too big not in an oversized way but in a way that clearly doesn’t fit properly, I’m still humming and barring about this one and thinking about getting the smaller size. Other than that it is super comfy and snug, perfect to throw on over a workout outfit in case you need to look a bit more presentable to the public.


Versaille Brushed Sweatshirt

Another sweatshirt for just lounging around in and running the odd errand in. This is super soft and fits perfectly (I went for the smaller size in this one), autumn starts tomorrow so I’m sure ill be wearing a lot more of this.


No VPL Thong / Navy Heart Thong

I got these as part of the 3 for £10 deal, the Navy one is obviously super cute and the black ones are a bit like the Calvin Klein seamless range. Super comfy unless you’re not really a thong person but they do have other types of knickers on offer as well and also an amazing selection of really pretty lingerie.



Super Soft Scarf

I really wanted this in the Camel but unfortunately it was sold out, this is really warm and is made from a fleecy material I imagine it would shed a lot but I mostly wear black anyway so it probably won’t be too much of a problem for me.




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