Top Five Fashion Films

So as NYFW draws to a close and LFW kick off, I have been making my way through the most stylish films on Netflix, I have always found films really inspiring for putting looks together especially ones set in different times. I have also loved the narrative of the fashion world on screen.

Here are my favourites;

The Factory Girl

Based on the true story of the original It girl Edie Sedgewick, it is set in New York in the 60’s at the height of the Pop Art movement spurred by Andy Warhol. A lot of the film is set in the Factory that is inhabited by the most interesting individuals. The outfits are so on point, I really love shift dresses and heavy eye make up. Sedgewick goes through quite the transformation from preppy New York socialite to a the ultimate 60’s Mod girl.

1221.jpgImage Source

The September Issue

This is focussed on the planning and publication of the most important Vogue issue of the year. It really makes you appreciate the hard work that it is put in by the fashion industry and that it isn’t so superficial. Vogue has always been about and almost synonymous with Anna Wintour and I think this film changed that and people really began to appreciate Grace Coddington and everything she has done for Vogue. I loved how the film explored the relationship between Editor in Chief and Creative Director and the dynamic between them.

rochas-pfw-ready-to-wear-fall-winter-2011-show-1.jpgImage Source

Confessions of a Shopaholic

This is more of fun chick flick but I promise its more about the characters personal journey than boy meets girl etc but hey the the outfits are to die for. I feel like a lot of people that love fashion and shopping can relate to it, I always think of this film when I am trying to justify unnecessary purchases. Its about a New Yorker who has a major shopping problem but just so happens to be a financial journalist, and is often giving advice that she doesn’t necessarily follow. The outfits are tastefully garish, bright bold and in your face, it was actually styled by Sex and the City’s Patricia Field, you tell straight away the characters outfits are pretty Carrie Esque.

timthumb.jpegImage Source

The Devil Wears Prada

Set in a fictitious fashion magazine (see film number two) this story is about a girl trying to make her way in the world and finds herself a very unique opportunity to be an assistant for the magazine editor on the off chance it may lead to something bigger, a classic short term sacrifice for long term goals we’ve all been there. The film is so beautifully styled and the acting is incredible, this too was styled by Patricia Field the outfits truly stand the test of time and I love how polished and put together the characters looked. Also this film has a makeover scene and who doesn’t love a makeover seen.

The-Devil-Wears-PradaImage Source


This one is just a comedy classic and a perfect representation of its time. I am so looking forward to watching the sequel. This film is more of a parody of the fashion industry and makes fun of the general industry archetypes, the outfits are very noughties, oh and it is jam packed with cameos such as Victoria Beckham, Winona Ryder, Paris Hilton and Fred Durst like I said it is very much of its time. This film is also responsible for this millennials obsession with Duckface so maybe it was ahead of its time after all.

ben-stiller-owen-wilson-zoolanderImage Source 


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