Best Places to Shop Online

Living in a tiny island at the bottom of the world is pretty amazing, I’m blessed with beautiful weather blissful scenery and I’m lucky enough to live right on the beach. But the shopping here isn’t quite what I’m used to when I lived in the UK. Its really hard to find really specific things, there are still quite a few brands and stores that haven’t quite made it over, and not to mention things here are super expensive, I mean I know the living standard here is much higher than most parts of the world therefore things are more pricey and I shouldn’t complain really. Because of this I do the most part of my shopping online and I wanted to share my top places to shop for the essentials anyway.

For all things beauty related:

Space NK

This is a favourite from the UK, I really love this store the interiors are always beautify decorated and wonderfully scented, I’m so happy they ship to New Zealand. This store is really good because it stocks a lot brands that you can’t get here yet, they also stock brands we do have and for much cheaper like Kiehls for example. The selection is amazing, the shipping is only £5 and in my experience it takes about five working days. They also offer a loyalty programme where you get £5 back for every £100 you spend, they also often offer promo codes and discounts.

Mecca Cosmetica

This is like a local version of Space NK, again the stores are wonderfully set out. The online store is well laid out and user friendly, they offer a lot of international brands but unfortunately at NZ pricing but sometimes you have to do what you have to do the stock my favourites such as Bumble and Bumble, Origins and have a great selection of store brand nail varnishes. They too have a loyalty programme which I keep meaning to use but I forget I have it I have heard good things though. The shipping is really speedy its usually two or three days in my experience.

Fashion and style:


They literally have everything from gifts to beauty, to fashion and stationary, everything is really well priced.They stock a lot of high end beauty brands and clothing labels for example Benefit, Korres, Needle and Thread, Cheap Monday and a lot of UK high St stores like River Island and Oasis. Asos is always well stocked for every season and occasion all year round, they really cater to international customers. They offer free shipping that takes about five working days  which is great but if you live in New Zealand you do have to pay for returns but the process is really pain free especially if you makes purchases using paypal.The customer service has always been second to none, every time I have a problem they take full responsibility and make sure I am well looked after.


We do have a few of these in New Zealand, but there isn’t much selection and I feel like its more expensive. They offer free shipping but you have to spend £100 to do so, so I don’t buy from here as much as Asos. They aways have fantastic key pieces but they do sell out quick, I really love the lingerie selection it is well priced and just really pretty, the shoes are really well made and of superb quality, I would probably rate the shoes better than ones you would find at Overland for example. The shopping experience is really great, the website is really easy to use, the customer service team is also pretty responsive. The returns process is a little more tricky but I will let you know how I get on.

Everything else..


I have always loved Amazon, I used to have Amazon prime when I lived in the UK which meant next day shipping which was the best. I love coming here to buy odds and ends,they have everything from home ware to books. It such a good place to pick up festival essentials like face paint, glitter, disposable ponchos and even camping gear. I wish New Zealand had its own store like Australia but I mostly buy off the American site. The shipping is usually $20 ish they often say it will take two or three weeks but I have always received the goods within the week.


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