Activities All Grown Up

I spend all day at a computer so sometimes I try and make a point of spending some time off line and just unwinding, adult activities books a really fun way to calm stress and soothe anxiety, the colouring book market is so saturated now, there are so many different themes and there are even pocket sized ones for travelling with so there are loads to choose from. I feel like its a kind of a creative way of going about meditation, here are the ones I use when I feel like a bit of art therapy.

The Secret Garden Colouring Book – Johanna Basford

I have really gotten into the colouring books craze and I mentioned this in my favourites a while ago but this really is my favourite thing to do when I just want to relax and unwind. I just love messing about with all the colours and the illustrations are truly so beautiful and intricate.The paper is really good quality, which is good if you prefer using felt tips ( I opt for colouring in pencils). They do take a while to finish so it perfect for relaxing with.


Animal Kingdom Colouring Book – Millie Marotta

This is another one I got, I’m planning on using this one purely for watercolours I do love all the Basford ones but I like how the paper on this is pure white as opposed to off white like the former so I think the watercolours will really look good on the pages. This illustrations are just as beautiful and just as detailed and the pages are filled with wonderfully drawn exotic creatures and greenery and there is more negative space in this one in case you are feeling particularly creative.


Kate Moss Paper Doll – Mel Simone Elliot

I have been humming and harr-ing about this one for a while now its not a colouring book although the author does do a fabulous range of these as well. Its basically a cut out activity book there are cut out dolls that come with their own wardrobe. This one definitely feeds my Kate Moss obsession and who doesn’t love playing dress up!



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