Hair Favourites

All throughout my teens I experimented with various hair products I never really knew what I was doing I was just buying things for the sake of buying them, I didn’t really know what they did or what they were for. My go to brands were KMS and Kerastase (don’t ask me how I could afford that as a teen!) but by the time I went to Uni and did my travelling I didn’t really have the funds to keep up those expensive habits (or the priorities).  But as I grew older I understood my hair better and how best to style and take care of it.


Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner 

It wasn’t until two years ago I stumbled upon the Body Shop Banana Shampoo I heard it mentioned by bloggers before but I never quite got round to trying it out. I was living in the UK at the time and their stores always have like 40% off every so often so it was pretty good value as well. I never thought a high street shampoo would work so well, my hair is pretty normal so it doesn’t need anything extra in terms of volume or shine so I find a lot of shampoos leave my hair feeling greasy within a day. I am in the habit of washing my hair twice a week so thats not really ideal. It has wonderful banana and honey aroma and it’s not too strong and just leave my hair feeling soft.


De Lorenzo et Absorb Dry Shampoo

I have been experimenting with loose dry shampoo over the last six or eight months because it was more environmentally friendly but I really don’t think it was cutting it for me and I have gone back to the aerosol (sorry environment). This one is a goodie I used to use this when I lived in Australia last ( they don’t have it in the UK) it is the De Lorenzo et Absorb Dry Shampoo with Rosehip and Bamboo extract, this is really good because its also deodorising the smell is very fresh and leaves your hair feeling even on the day before wash day. What I really love about this, is that it lifts the roots where grease normally makes your hair flat and gives your locks a bit of a boost its made with rice powder instead of the usual corn flour so my hair feels a lot more like hair. I still recommend loose powders as well because they great for travelling with.


Redken all Soft Heavy Cream

Recently my hair has been feeling a little bit lacklustre i don’t know if it’s the current humidity or years of heat styling finally catching up to me but its just feeling a bit rough. I only had a cut a month ago so I picked up a hair mask I had never really used one before to be honest. One of the super helpful staff at Rodney Wayne pointed me in the right direction and recommended the Redken all Soft Heavy Cream, this can be used in lieu of conditioner once a week or as an intensive mask for when your hair really needs it. This product is charged with Argan Oil and proteins that will restore your tresses back to health. My hair felt 100 times better after using it and even when it dried there was still a noticeable change, when I went to straighten my hair felt normal again. I really recommend this product, I am definitely going to incorporate it into my hair care routine.


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