Million Dollar Moisturiser

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So I went to order a new pot of Gorgeous online the other day and to my horror it was out of stock, fortunately Million Dollar Moisturiser had hit the Lush shelves in New Zealand i’m not normally one to try new products when one works so well but I was running low on gorgeous and I had heard good things about  Million Dollar Moisturiser and I was kind of excited to give it ago.

It is super rich in consistency and it feels expensive. The main ingredients are honey, shea butter and jojoba oil it seriously smells like a white chocolate Toblerone the smell is quite strong to it may be off putting for some. There is also the added bonus of SPF 15 the UK one is SPF 30 which is crazy I feel the New Zealand market deserves a higher SPF considering there is a big old hole in our ozone.

I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin as it is really hydrating which in the winter would be amazing for drier skin.The reflective pigments give you a really healthy glow it is a great summer time moisturiser and works well as a primer for my MAC face and body foundation. I would suggest giving this about half an hour to absorb into your skin before putting on makeup. At the moment I don’t really wear makeup at the weekends because of the weather so this is a great alternative it makes my skin really glow.

I really think I’m going to make this a permanent part of my skincare now, it seems to hard to go back to Gorgeous.


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