Top Twelve MAC Eye Shadows

It has taken me a long time to put my palette together its was inspired by the first Urban Decay Naked Palette unfortunately quite a few of those colours don’t suit me and I didn’t like the thought of not being able to replace one when it ran out. Luckily there are a lot of bloggers online and that had put together lists of the MAC dupe/equivalents. It’s a very neutral palette as I’m not that fond of brightly coloured eye lids although it is beautiful on other people.

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What I really love about MAC eyeshadows are that they are highly pigmented, having darker skin it is usually difficult to find eyeshadows like that.

These are my most used eye shadows for daytime wear: 

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Wedge – This one is not too dissimilar to Cork it comes in a matte finish, it is a soft muted beige taupe and it is my most used eyeshadow.

Cork – This is my one of my main eye shadows I use this everyday, it is a muted golden brown in a satin finish.

Embark – This is one of my main crease colours, it is an intense reddish brown in a matte finish.

Mystery – I use this on my eyebrows it is a muted plum brown that comes in a satin finish, it has a big hole in it as it is my second most used eyeshadow.

Smut – Apparently this shade was inspired by the great Kate Moss, it is a muted black with a bit of red shimmer, this one is a velvet finish. This is my second most used crease colour it makes for a subtle day time smoked eye.

Gleam – This is used as either a brow highlight or in the inner corners of my eye, it is a lustre finish and can be described as barely pinked gold. / inner corner highlight.

These are my go to shadows for night time looks; 

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Carbon – This is an intesnse black in matte it is perfect for smoky eyes or for creating dramatic depth.

Mulch – This is quite similar to Woodwinked although not as dramatic, this comes in a velvet finish it is a red – brown with bronze pearl I use with my constuctavist paint pot.

Amber Lights – This is beautiful for a night time look, it is a peachy brown with shimmer in frost finish. This looks amazing with dramatic eye lashes and it blend really well if you want to go for a gold smoked eye.

Twinks- This is a warm antique gold shadow in veluxe pearl finish, I really love this shade just on its own with lashings of mascara it really complements my skin.

Cranberry  – This was inspired by Tanya Burr as a wonderful alternative to a smoky eye in one of her tutorials, this is a red plum with pink shimmer in a frost finish.

Club – This was the other eyeshadow from the Tanya Burr tutorial, I would never in a million years go for green but it look so amazing in the tutorial I was so surprised it suited me, it is a red brown with green pearl  in a satin finish.


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