Lush and MAC Haul

After three days of solid feasting I popped over to Auckland for the day to see what was left of the boxing day sales and pick up some essentials I have been using these products over the last week and wanted to give it a sort of mini review.

Firstly I went over to Shaky Isles they have the best eggs Benedict in all of Auckland! Runny eggs, crispy bacon and served on top of a toasted split Brioche bun with lashings of Hollandaise…


Next I headed into the MAC Pro Store situated in the heart of the Atrium, I’m quite proud of myself I only grabbed what I needed;


Wedge Eyeshadow – to replace my old one, I bought this in a pro pan I highly recommend purchasing an empty palette and making your own from there, it is much more cost effective. This shade along with Cork is my most used everyday colour, i really like that its matte and goes nicely with super inky eyeliner.

Extended Play Gigablack Mascara – I bought this on recommendation from my work colleagues I usual opt for the Zoom Fast Black Lash I’m super boring when it comes to mascara but I have really been loving this formula and my lashes look noticeabley longer.

Face and Body Foundation – I have been on the hunt for a summery foundation with a dewy finish, this foundation is been highly rated amongst MUA’s, unfortunately they didn’t have it in the colour and size I required but the shop assistant kindly gave me a bunch of samples and ordered one it for me. I have been using this everyday throughout the week and I really love the finish, the only thing is that it is best applied with your fingers so Im just getting used to not using my brushes so often.

After that I made my way to Lush they were having a 50% off sale,  I took full advantage of this and bought some things I definitely didn’t need;


50 Shades of Earl Grey –  I have had a solid body butter before and so I was really keen to try the massage bars I really love earl grey so this seemed perfect for me, I massage this into my muscles I have been doing more strength training recently and this really helps alleviate my sore post workout muscles, it has a beautiful citrus scent much like a lady grey tea. Just as a side note if you live in a warmer climate like I do I really recommend buying a tin as well as it can melt and get all sticky.

Formulae Know As Hand and Body Lotion – I was given this by Lush as a sample in my last online order and I really just had to add this to my ever growing moisturiser / lotion collection. Its probably too greasy to be a hand cream for me I prefer to use this as a body lotion it has a wonderful chocolatey fragrance with a hint of floral.

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask – This was actually a freebie through the lush recycling scheme, I’m really loving the effect face masks have been having on my skin and being a chocolate lover I was really keen to give this one a go, this has been designed for oily acne prone teenage skin and its made up of Rhassoul Mud, Cocoa butter, Cocoa powder and peppermint oils. The peppermint is really subtle though if you are worried about burning your eyes. I have been using this every evening I find it really cleaning and have been foregoing cleanser over the last few nights and my skin feels amazing so far.

Christmas Candy Box Gift Set


This was half price and had two of the things I was going to buy anyway and I bought the gift set as it was such good value, I always get gift envy when I buy these so it was high time I treated myself.

Snow Fairy Body Wash – I adore the packaging of this and it smells and looks like what I imagine unicorn vomit be like, I really love this and I don’t want it to run out. It has a wonderful bubble gum scent and lathers up a treat.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb – This one is just so Christmassy I haven’t had the heart to use this yet because it makes me so sad that christmas is over.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar – This one is another Christmas classic I had this over the last couple of years and I really the sweet candy scent and again Im not ready to use this just yet but my bathroom smells amazing.

Rock Star Soap – To be honest I don’t really love soap in general  its just way too harsh on my skin, I have just been using this as a fragrance for my wardrobe and it smells heavenly.

And to round of a long day of shopping I popped in to Smith and Caugheys and treated myself to some Charbonnel et Walker Marc de Champagne truffles as if I haven’t stuffed my face enough!


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