T Leaf Tea Review

I have a real thing for hot drinks and especially tea and I just so happened upon a Grab One deal for this famed Kiwi company based in Wellington. You get $50 worth of tea goodies for $25 which is such a steal. I had know about this company for a while as it was one of few company’s within New Zealand that stocked Matcha, Matcha isn’t exactly cheap and often its not great quality so I was very quick to jump on the Grab One deal. I purchased a couple of teas;


I was first introduced to Matcha at Starbucks as a teenager I was addicted to Green Tea Frappuccinos,  I didn’t fully realise its nutritional value at  the time – well actually I’m pretty sure the Starbucks version is just loaded with gomme syrup and cream. Over the last couple of years it has become known as a ‘Superfood’ it is super nutritious, high in antioxidants and a much healthier alternative to caffeine. I enjoy this either as a latte or a homemade frappe or sometimes mixed in with vanilla ice cream as a treat. I am really impressed with the quality of this tea and can’t wait to buy this again.



I have been struggling to find a good leaf chai I’m not particularly fond of the syrups and powders they are just too sweet for my liking. Twinings do a really good chai but its super hard to come by on this side of the world and I didn’t think i would be able to find an alternative that was on par. But this was even better! this chai is so aromatic and fragrant, it is spiced with pepper, cardamon, star anise, cinnamon and ginger it truly is the Grand Cru of chai. Its not too strong and not too weak either it is perfectly brewed after 4 minutes and only needs the smallest amount of sweetener. This comes in either as a loose leaf or pyramid tea bags, I went for the latter purely for convenience and I am just so impressed with this chai.


Masala Chai

The great things about T Leaf T is that the tea comes in different sizes and you can buy samples sizes which is great if you end up with a dud, I have to say I was really disappointed with this one I was expected it to be a lot more punchy than the regular chai, it is much lighter and blander. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this if you are used to Chai Lattes its pretty weak and has much less flavour.



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