November Favourites

Its the end of November, which means its that much closer to Christmas and the beginning of summer! (here in the southern hemisphere anyway). Where has 2015 gone but I am so looking forward to the new year, I have so much to look forward to. I have a few things I have picked up over the month that I would love to share.

I thought I would start in the spirit of Christmas with the Lush Santa Fun bar, I made my bi monthly lush order and they usually pop in a few freebies and this was one of them. The idea is to make a little Santa man out of it sort of like Adult Play Dough but I ended up making a mess in the bath, so maybe try moulding him before you jump in the bath. Fun Bars can be used as a shampoo, soap or bubble bar, I use it for the latter as it can be a bit drying on the skin otherwise.


My second favourite is another Lush goodie they sent me is the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. I initially thought it was an intense moisterising lotion so naturally I smothered myself in it and went to bed, about half hour later I felt a bit sticky so I went on Google and it turns out you are supposed to use it like hair conditioner, but for your body. The thought of that seemed a bit wasteful so I had the brain wave of using it as a shaving cream. I was in love with this product when I started using it properly, and like all Lush products it smells amazing.


Another favourite is the Body Shop Tea Tree oil, I would happily use any brand I think you can get them in Pharmacy for a much more reasonable price but this is seriously a miracle product. I just dab a bit of this on if I feel a spot coming on but my favourite way to use this is to mix it with body lotion (you only need a few drops of oil) and then use it to prevent ingrown hairs. The Body also recommends using a few drops in the bath to help de stress.


A hair favourite would be Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Straight, this is works really well for me with my Lob, I blow dry my hair straight then go over with my straightener to achieve the Kristen Ess wavy Lob haha. I love the smell and it doesn’t leave my room smelling of burnt hair, I have always been lazy with heat protectors and hair products in general (bar dry shampoo). It is reasonably priced and seems like it is going to last an age, really impressed with this product.


Korres Yoghurt Suncream Face & Body SPF 30

I’m lucky to live in New Zealand where we have the best summers but unfortunately theres a big old hole in the ozone and New Zealand is directly under it, so the suns rays are particularly harmful. I am really trying to make more of an effort with skin care so I picked this up online. I was really pleased with this it is super easy to apply and doesn’t leave those white streaks on your skin so makeup goes on a treat. It smells quite sweetly its almost like a mild mandarin scent. This also comes in an SPF 50 and there is a one especially for your face which will suit someone with quite fair skin.


Non Beauty Favourites

Book  – The Joanna Basford, Secret Garden Colouring  Book for Adults.

This is such a brilliant way to decompress, and super fun to colour in, this would make a really nice Christmas gift and they do so many different ones now I have sort of got my eyes on the Sherlock Mind Palace one.

TV – Sex and the City

I never really appreciated this before, I thought it was entertaining for sure but I have never been able to related to the characters, I guess I’m getting old haha but its so interesting to see the world of dating before social media and smart phones but if you don’t care for that I would recommend for the outfits alone.

Lenny Newsletter

Im sure the internet is sick of shouting Lena Dunham’s praises but she really is the voice of my generation. She and her collaborator Jenni Konner really hits the nail on the head with this it kinda like Rookie for 20 something year olds. They explore and discuss issues that are relevant to me and my friends, she just really get me you know.

Not so Favourite

Lush Toothy Tabs

This is another freebie Lush sent me, I was dying to try this for ages so I was really happy when they sent it to me.Its basically like a small tab that you break up with your teeth and brush your teeth with, its a strange thing to get used to and I think I would be able to get over it because it does a good job of cleaning your teeth but it really doesn’t leave my breath feeling that fresh so I have to use it with mouth wash. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this.


Lush Santa Fun  ––Santa-FUN

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner –

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil –

Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Straight –

Korres Yoghurt Suncream Face & Body

Joanna Basford –

Lenny –


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