Top Ten MAC Lipsticks


My obsession with Mac began not long before I turned 21 and I met my neighbour at Uni who just so happened to be a MAC girl, she really opened my eyes to the world cosmetics and beauty. Before that I only ever wore mascara and eyeliner,I feel like lip sticks are the gate way into the depths of all things make up related. I thought I would make a list of my favourite ten mac lipsticks, which is really hard by the way as I have accumulated so many through the Back to Mac program.

Ruby Woo

This one is by far my favourite I actually have two of these just in case you know. This one is a matte finish so I can only really wear this when my lips are smooth but it goes on so nice and stays on all day and all night so you never have to reapply.  I feel like this is one of the few reds that suits everyone,I could go on about this one all forever.


I would have never though to pick this one up but one of the MAC guys recommended it to me. It is a deep plum shade this is such a great Autumnal colour and its super creamy and moisturising which is ideal for colder weather as well.

Lady Danger

This bad boy is more of a fire engine red, its has lots of orange undertones. Its more of a bold colour and doesn’t get as much wear as I like. This one is also a matte formula so it stays on all day.


I bought this when I was feeling particularly low one day, I just wanted a little boost that day so naturally I hit the mac counter. This is a deep purple shade similar to Diva, it is super easy to apply and really moisturising.


This one is my favourite for a night out, its almost like a deep fuchsia colour it has a bit of shimmer if you want a similar shade to this but without the shimmer I would highly recommend Girl About Town.


This is a creamy nude, I was inspired by Kimmy K none the less when I purchased this. I really love it, it goes on so well I never need to use a mirror with this shade and its probably my second most used lip stick (Ruby Woo being the first). This is so ideal to wear in the office or to compliment a bare faced natural look.


So this is pretty much the same as Touch except its the Matte version, I would use this over Touch purely for it’s staying power.

Up the Amp

This is such a fun colour, I remember being inspired by a fashion week show all the models were wearing this shade. Its a creamy lilac colour i also have a matching lip gloss called Narcissa.


This is also an Autmunal colour its a bright purple, I feel like its a bit 90’s but hey I love it.

Speak Louder

This is a sublet sick and more of an everyday lip shade, I never bother with a mirror for this one either is glides on so easily and doesn’t get on my teeth slash rest of my face.


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