Review; Lush Cranberry Face Mask


I picked up some products from Lush this week and thought I would do a festive product review. This is the second fresh face mask I have tried from Lush, last time I went for the Oatfix mask and decided to go for the limited edition this time.

When I opened it, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all it goes on much smoother than Oatfix and doesn’t crumble or come off your face.

It is made up on cranberries, fennel, silken tofu, argan oil and rose clay. It looks very pretty and smells heavenly a bit more perfumey than most lush products I would describe it as rosy with hints of lemon grass. It is very easy to apply and a little goes a long way. I gently cleansed my skin before hand with Micellar water and painted the mask on. It does dry very quickly but it doesn’t take the moisture out of your skin.

I washed it off and instantly felt the results, my skin was definitely much softer and brighter. I would love to make this a more regular part of my skin care but it’s only a seasonal product, I can’t to order some more, I highly recommend.

Lush Festive Cranberry Face Mask


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