Fix +


This was actually recommended to me before I was about to hop on a flight to Melbourne. I was functioning on next to no sleep and my skin was feeling pretty grim. A few sprays and I was feeling like a normal person again. I was really surprised at this product to be honest, at first I thought it was just overpriced water and I thought I would regret it. But it is really hydrating and a way better alternative to those hot towels they give you before take off and landing.

Its basically a nutrient rich water spray part of the Prep + Prime collection at MAC, its become somewhat of a cult beauty product and many have recommended using before applying make up or setting make up post application. I have also heard of it being used on those egg shaped/ beauty blender sponges before using make up, I have yet to try this.I prefer to use this to freshen up during the warmer months of the year, it is really cooling and refreshing and leaves your skin feeling heavenly.

I highly recommend this for travelling and as just a little pick me up during the day.


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